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Aug 9, 2013 4:30am EDT
. >> the former senate majority leader trent lott is in a mississippi hospital this morning recovering from surgery. the republican was admitted to the hospital after suffering a ruptured appendix. he's in fair condition. expected to recover. 71. he's a lawyer, lobbyist and has a home and office in the jackson area. >> some news from the social scene this morning, there is word that former d.c. mayor is dating the widow of steve jobs. the "washington post" report that they met at a education conference in 2011 and bonded and shared their passion for education reform. sources tell the post-the relationship blue cross solid into a, quote, budding romance in january the same time that he and his wife announced their separation. they're honoring prince george. >> they have silver and gold plating and denominations of 25 cents, $5 and $20. the design featured variety of baby-themed engraves. collector kits. prices range from 25 to $250 in canada. >> 4:57, 75 degrees out there. >> still ahead, that man hunt that started in california has now taken a dangerous turn. what police are now saying abou
Aug 10, 2013 9:00am EDT
facility only an hour and a half away: the institute for marine mammal studies in gulfport, mississippi. the teams in gulfport and new orleans prepare for his arrival and celebrate by giving him a name. suzanne: they had a name contest for him, and the name that won was apollo. and as you probably know, apollo is the sun god, so it is a very fitting name for this little dolphin that survived a terrible sunburn. sam: over the past six months, suzanne has become very attached to little apollo. suzanne: i'm going to miss his little face. in the beginning, it's very sad to see a helpless, vulnerable animal like that. my heart smiles, because i know that the team at audubon did a fantastic job. we did everything that we needed to do to help rescue him. good kid. coming to get you. they're coming to get you. yes, they are. sam: when the time comes for apollo to leave for his new home, there's only one thing left for suzanne to say. suzanne: bye! sam: and away he goes off to a new life in his new home. valerie: apollo had a really rough time. he was near death with this horrible, horrible sunb
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2